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Hi, my name is Slav (Sviatoslav) and welcome to my story behind Latitude 49N

As a professional sea kayak and canoe guide, trained EMR and an ex-ski-patroller, I know how imperative it is to have proper gear for any type of situation and weather conditions. 

As a proud Ukrainian Canadian, I am super passionate and honoured to be representing top brands from my homeland. After personally testing those brands on my trips and outdoor experiences, I realized that they have to be known in North America as well. 

Why Latitude 49N

My home town in Ukraine is on Latitude 49, same as Comox Valley, where I reside and am privileged to call home.


Why I chose Turbat and EcopyBook

Simple answer:  I use their gear on my trips and am beyond happy. Amazing quality, design and courageous adventurers behind making these products.

More in depth answer : 

#1 I have used Turbat for many years now and know that their products are perfect in the British Columbian landscape.

#2 Products are made and/or designed in Ukraine and I want to support their workforce.

#3 EcopyBook Products are unique and suit my sustainability view on outdoor travels. 

#4 Turbat uses geese down from my beloved Carpathian mountains by sustainably picking down off the fields, without any harm to animals.

#5 Price for the local customer is very competitive.

#6 By representing and selling Ukrainian products we contribute to their economy, which needs help right now and for years to come.

#7 Someone has to do it :)

Our Brands and Partners

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