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Fortunately we can’t influence weather, but we know how to change heavy rain and wind in the mountains for adventure and good memory. Molfar is poncho that will protect you from severe weather. Put it on and and also on your backpack or set it up as tent for overnight or temporary shelter.

Designed in Ukraine

Turbat Molfar poncho

SKU: 0009
  • Features:
    - Is put on backpack
    - Is set up as protective tent

    Technical Specifications:
    Material: 68 D polyester WR 3000 mm
    Weight: 345 g
    Size: 250 х 140 cm
    Packed size: 10 х 19 cm
    Weight: 325 g
    Size: 210 х 120 cm
    Packed size: 8 х 17 cm

    One year warranty

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