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Women's thermal T-shirt with anatomical fit and long sleeves. It contains merino wool (15%), which is known for its natural warming properties. Thanks to the proportion of wool and polyester (15/85), this piece of clothing is comfortable to use when traveling for several days and long hikes, because it is more resistant to odor formation and dries faster.

The fit and flat seams provide freedom of movement and comfort. This thermal T-shirt is suitable for mountain trips, hiking in the Carpathians, skiing with medium load, when traveling with a combined program of the city + nature, use in the city on cold days.

Purpose: Hiking, trekking, camping, active leisure in the nature, traveling, city use.

Turbat Retezat Top Wmn

  • Features:
    - contains merino wool (15%)
    - excellent thermoregulation
    - quickly absorbs and removes moisture
    - more resistant to odor formation
    - dries quickly
    - flat seams
    - anatomical fit

    Material: 85% polyester, 15% merino wool, 140 g / m2

    Weight: 135 g

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