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Turbat Savana Linen is a linen hat for hot travels which will reliably protect you from the sun. It is suitable for both men and women. The hat is part of Turbat’s special linen concept. It is made of natural, eco-friendly Tropic Linen material; it is well ventilated and dries quickly.


The back of the hat can be tightened with an elastic band and securely fixed on the head, so don't worry about desert and sea winds.


Purpose: traveling to hot countries, exploring in summer, camping, relaxing by the water, kayaking in calm water.


Turbat Savana

  • Features:

    - protects from the scorching sun

    - lightweight, dries quickly

    - tightened with an elastic band at the back and securely fixed on the head



    Material: Tropic Linen: 45% linen, 22% viscose, 15% cotton, 18% DuPont Sorona, 160 g/m2
    Weight: 27 g

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