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Shanta 2 is an updated 2021 model of a double tent for summer and demi-season travel. Thanks to the hub design of the poles, the tent is spacious inside and has large convenient entrances on two sides.

In 2021 models the main entrance of the inner tent opens upwards or aside. Also inside the tent (on the ceiling) there are 4 loops with lacing for drying clothes. This lacing can also be used for LED garland lights, so finally the photos of the tent in the evening will be even more spectacular.

Comfortable burritos case for Shanta 2 tent. Thanks to the horizontal packing, the tent is easy to place in the case, and compression slings will reduce its size. You can also attach the case to the backpack or handlebars of a mountain bike. The balanced combination of proven materials, convenient construction and light weight makes this tent very versatile. Comfortable for hiking, festival trips and long travels.

Purpose: tourism, hiking and biking, mountain climbing.

Designed in Ukraine

Turbat Shanta 2

  • Features:
    - 2 convenient entrances with vestibules
    - designed for two people
    - duralumin hub frame
    - 8 pockets inside the tent
    - 8 aluminum V-shaped pegs
    - 4 loops with lacing inside the tent on the ceiling for drying clothes
    - "burritos" case - convenience of packing

    Capacity: 2 people
    Weight in complete set: 2350 g (2021 models)
    Number of entrances: 2
    The size of the inner tent: 210x125x105 cm
    Outer tent: 68D Polyester WR 3000 mm
    Indoor tent: 68D Polyester BR
    Floor: 68D Polyester 5000 mm
    Poles: duralumin of 8,5 mm
    A set of 8 pegs
    Size in the packed state: 48x15x15 cm

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