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ISPO Award 2022 Winner!



Another pride of the Turbat brand. Uniquely balanced down sleeping bag that combines comfort and minimal weight.  333 grams of Ukrainian white goose down with 850FP elasticity is wrapped in an ultra-light Japanese fabric 10D thick. The curved shape of the zipper allows to conveniently close the sleeping bag with one hand.  The sleeping bag has an insulated strap around the neck, a pillow pocket and convenient adjustment of the hood. There is additional ventilation for the feet in the lower parts.  Also, you can move briefly in the sleeping bag around the camp, bending the free lower end back.  Vertical cells reduce the movement of down, and the increased volume of the lower cells in the legs ensures even better heat retention.  The sleeping bag conpesses well; the set includes a cover for transportation.

Purpose: hiking, cycling, expeditions, long adventure travels.

Turbat Ultar

SKU: 0005
  • Specs:
    - filled with Ukrainian white goose down 850FP 90/10
    - curved shape of the zipper, which is convenient to close from the inside
    - feet ventilation on the zipper
    - warmer area around the legs
    - wide collar under the neck
    - convenient adjustment of a hood
    - a pocket for a pillow inside
    - the lower part opens and is fixed for short-term walking
    - well compressed
    - set with a bag for long-term storage 


    + 1°C / -4°C / -21°C

    (Comfort / Limit / Extreme):

    Certified according to ISO 23537-1
    Length: 215 cm
    Designed for height: up to 195 cm
    Width of the upper part (shoulders): 85 cm
    Width at the bottom: 58 cm
    Filler weight: 333 g
    Sleeping bag weight: 680 g
    Size in the compression cover: 17 cm x 15 cm
    Total weight with compression cover: 730 g
    Outer material: 10D Nylon Rip-stop DWR
    Inner material: 20D Nylon
    Filler: Ukrainian 850FP goose down

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